Welcome to 澳洲幸运10官网历史查询 澳洲10开奖官网168视频 Laurel Home, the Website for Interior Designer and Blogger, Laurel Bern

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Welcome to 澳洲幸运10历史开奖号码查询 官方澳洲幸运10开奖直播 Laurel Home, the website for Interior Designer and Blogger, Laurel Bern.

My company is Laurel Bern Interiors. What began as a full-service residential interior design firm located very close to New York City, has evolved into still working in the field of interior design, but as a full-time blogger.

Decorating is my passion and for the first 19 years, focused solely on helping clients in the New York City metro area.

In 2015, the focus changed to being a full-time blogger, and has continued to grow since that time.

My interior design and decoration aesthetic is, young-traditional, classic decorating styles.  Now, instead of taking on private clients, I write about: space planning, paint colors, lighting, window treatments, furniture. I also love to write about kitchens and bathrooms. But, we also cover floor coverings, accessories, art, room layouts. (space planning) Through my blog, I am here to guide readers through every aspect and question as long as it is something that will appeal, and help a large majority of readers.

2022澳洲幸运10开奖直播软件 澳洲幸运10现场开奖视频 Although, I no longer do private consulting, many readers have enjoyed a public consultation by way of sending in photos and information to be used for a blog post. This is an ongoing series that readers have been loving. If you have an interior design dilemma, please contact me with a brief email and I will be able to ascertain if this is something that might work for the blog.

Note: At this time… I’m not taking on new clients.

My very best wishes,