Three new JavaFX releases

In the past few days, we delivered a number of JavaFX releases with different version numbers. In this article, we will clarify the goals and target group for those different releases.

JavaFX 11.0.3 is the latest release of JavaFX 11. It is distributed to customers of the Gluon JavaFX Enterprise Support program, and it contains security patches and critical bug fixes. The JavaFX 11 releases are recommended for companies using JavaFX in production, who want to use mature, stable, secure and supported versions of JavaFX, as Gluon provides long-term commercial support for JavaFX 11.

JavaFX 12.0.1 is the latest release of JavaFX 12. It contains bug fixes and security fixes. For every release of the JavaFX platform, Gluon provides two update releases to all developers which can be used for free (as long as the GPL+CPE license is obeyed). These releases are recommended for JavaFX developers who want to use stable, mature, tested and secure versions of JavaFX and that are willing to update their dependencies when new versions are released. The JavaFX 12 releases can be downloaded from Maven central, using maven or gradle as described on the OpenJFX docs site, or as SDK’s and jmod’s via our JavaFX releases page.

JavaFX 13-ea+6 is the latest early-access build of the upcoming JavaFX 13 release. JavaFX 13 will be released in September, and early-access versions contain the latest features, bug fixes and security updates. If you want to use the latest and greatest JavaFX platform code, if you want to validate a library with the upcoming JavaFX release, or if you want to help driving JavaFX forward and provide feedback, this is for you. JavaFX 13 early-access releases can be downloaded from Maven central as well, and SDK’s and jmod’s are available from our JavaFX releases page.

With those different releases, we offer a solution for different target groups. All those releases are based on the same code, so moving from one release to another is a fairly simple process.

If you have any questions about the release plans, feel free to contact us.