Activities at Gluon

The engineers at Gluon have been working extremely hard over the past few months, with a number of things happening in parallel. We thought it was time to provide an overview of things that are happening, so in this post we will get you up to speed with what is […]

CEO wanted

Have you ever dreamt of building a business in technology? Are you a sales and marketing professional eager to roll up your sleeves and to create value in deep tech? Do you want to join our team of technical founders and help us grow the company as a CEO? What […]

Java on iOS, for real.

It has always been our goal to provide first class Java and JavaFX support for all client devices, not only for desktops but also for mobile and embedded devices. Today, we are thrilled to announce that the Gluon Client plugins which we announced last month now have beta support for […]

A boost for Java on the Client

The IT landscape is constantly evolving. For client applications, there is a clear trend towards bundled native applications and appstores. One of the answers Java has in this area is jpackage. With jpackage, developers can bundle their Java(FX) application and dependencies with an appropriate Java runtime that contains everything that […]

Announcing: JavaFX 12

It has already been six months since we announced the release of JavaFX 11. JavaFX 11 was the first release of JavaFX that was decoupled from the JDK, and it marked the beginning of a new approach where developers can decide to use JavaFX as a standalone SDK or as […]