Gluon Mobile 4.2.0 and Gluon IDE Plugins Released

The Gluon engineering team has today signed off on the release of Gluon Mobile 4.2.0, as well as updated versions of our Gluon IDE plugins for IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, and Eclipse. This follows the major release of Gluon Mobile 4.0.0 a month ago (and the silent 4.1.0 release earlier this month), and in that time our talented team of engineers have made some big improvements.

Gluon Mobile

GluonMobileGluon Mobile 4.2.0 is primarily a bug fix release, but it also has a few new features, including:

  • The BottomNavigation control, which replicates the behavior specified by Google in its Bottom Navigation Material Design documentation.
  • The Runtime Arguments Service plugin for Charm Down now streamlines the bringing-in of runtime arguments from external services, regardless of whether the app is running (in the foreground or background), or is completely closed. This allows for a single, shared pathway for all external events, such as notifications, custom URL handlers, etc. We have reworked the appropriate plugins to now make use of this plugin, and it is available to other users as well.
  • The gradle jfxmobile-plugin has been upgraded to support the new Runtime Arguments Service plugin. Furthermore, Android maven repositories that exist in the Android SDK are now added automatically.
  • In Gluon Connect, we’ve improved the authentication methods, added a sign-out method and allow for the Gluon CloudLink credentials to be specified from an InputStream.

IDE Plugins

The Gluon IDE plugins now provide additional assistance to configure Gluon Charm Down plugins – this can now all be done graphically using a built in dialog. This makes it much easier to know what all the plugins do, and saves editing the build.gradle configuration file by hand.


Coming up next: Scene Builder 8.3.0

As if this wasn’t enough, next week we will be releasing Scene Builder 8.3.0, which brings with it significant improvements to mobile development support. Scene Builder is becoming more closely integrated with Gluon Mobile (when desired), and marks the beginning of our push towards making mobile development easier and even more ‘drag and drop’ than it already is with Scene Builder. We have also add an version checker, to ensure that developers are always using the latest release of Scene Builder. We’ll have much more to say about this next week.

As always, all customers of Gluon Mobile can immediately make use of this latest release. It is available as part of the Gluon Mobile subscription, and you can upgrade at your own pace. If you aren’t a customer yet, you can always try Gluon Mobile for free as well.